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M.R.K.T. (Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger) was founded in 2010 by a Harvard trained architect as a way to challenge conventional fashion trends. By creating bags and accessories inspired by architectural concepts of clean and pure forms derived from function, structure, and experimental geometry. The designs are conceptual, practical, versatile, and very clean.



  • VEGN LEATHER - Maintenance free, lightweight, and animal friendly

  • SMRT FELT - 100% recyclable, made by a leading German manufacturer

  • SUPR FELT - Durable and water resistant, the next generation of SMRT FELT

  • THRMO RESIN - Certified 100% biodegradable after disposal

  • MCRO SUEDE - Soft suede microfiberwoven from thread 20x finer than silk

  • MCRO LEATHER - Buttery smooth microfiber with premium feel and minimalist style

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