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Agave is committed to designing and manufacturing beautiful, inspired and authentic denim products in a sustainable way, using the highest quality materials.  All of our denim jeans and cut & sewn knit wear are strictly made in America.

Agave exists to design and produced the best tailored, most beautiful and highest quality denim jeans, authentically sewn and hand finished, exclusively in California.  This has been Agave’s founding principal since we began in 2002.   Since then, Agave has changed a lot.  In fact, we have constantly changed and evolved.  In 2005, we added cut and sewn knit tops.  In 2006, we moved our headquarters from Santa Monica, California to Portland, Oregon.  In 2008, we began making jeans and knits for women. 

One thing that has never changed, nor will ever change, is our commitment to making jeans and tee shirts in America.  We know it is the best thing for our product, the best thing for our customers and the best thing for our country.  We know we could make our jeans a lot less expensively in China, Turkey or Mexico, but we choose not to.  We feel it is in the heritage of denim to be made in America.  We also know it is our way thinking globally and sourcing locally.

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